What to do when the pellets have jumped?

What to do when the pellets have jumped?

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Answer: turn off all the equipment on the way and reset the circuit breaker.

In the event of a thunderstorm or instability on your electrical network, the current may jump to protect your home from possible fires. Before restoring your circuit breaker to the "on" position, you must ask yourself what is the cause of this interruption, if it is not due to time. A faulty device or too many devices connected at the same time is enough to blow the pellets. Switching off one can cause the current to return. Otherwise you will have to check each of your devices by lowering and raising the circuit breakers one by one in order to find the manager who will be connected to the circuit breaker which does not turn back on. If you have fuses, check that they are all in good condition and replace the one that has blown. If the power jumps again, your device is the cause. Don't forget your flashlight at night! Send us your DIY question too


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