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. 2 White LOGO pedestal tables 3 SWISS www.3suisses.fr 1 MIAMI Natural convertible sofa 1 White HALIA designer dining table 3 Lots of 2 KALYA transparent chairs 1 KELIO White Buffet 1 KELIO Matt White TV stand MILIBOO www.miliboo.com


. 1 LISA White Globe Lamp MILIBOO www.miliboo.com Table lamp H 47 60 W Black / Yellow Oregi White pendant lamp CASTORAMA www.castorama.fr


. Muros Easy Fix wall cladding panels Self-adhesive plate without glue or seal. For easy, quick and clean installation. Find all product information and installation tips here Find out here how to apply self-adhesive siding on video MODULO www.modulo.fr On sale at CASTORAMA 3 Tables: LAMINAGE SF WHITE ROSE 100X100 LAMINAGE SF WHITE BALL 100X100 LAMINATION SF WHITE VASE 100X100 CM CREATION www.cmcreation.com Mural : Dulux Valentine Paint - Colors of the World - NEPAL INTENSE Dulux Valentine Paint - Colors of the World - NEPAL MEDIUM Dulux Valentine Paint - Color Cream - WHITE DULUX VALENTINE www.duluxvalentine.com Orsay mirror in classic style 50x70cm taupe color CASTORAMA www.castorama.fr


. NORDIC BEIGE Ultra Thick Vinyl Flooring Home Comfort Range + COMFORT: 4mm thick + acoustic insulation: 20dB + thermal insulation + ecology: a backing made of recycled fibers + ease of installation and savings! Installation without preparation of the existing support, without glue! - Ideal for renovation: Adapts to all floors and masks the roughness of the existing floor thanks to its reverse GFT in recycled fibers! - Easy maintenance and anti-allergic: A little soapy water and the floor is impeccable and hygienic! GERFLOR www.gerflor.fr Universal double-sided adhesive, for fixing carpets and different materials. Here used for laying vinyl Multifunction: for fixing carpets on different surfaces, for manual work and decoration Can be cut by hand Type of adhesive mass: synthetic rubber Support: BOPP TESA www.adherez-a-la-qualite-tesa.fr Shaggy City cream rug CASTORAMA www.castorama.fr


. 1 SOLANA cushion Light Beige 40 x 40 A delicate crochet lace cushion that will embellish the sofas and bring a feminine touch to your interior decoration. 1 MONTANA White Suede look cushion 40 x 40 Soft and easy to maintain, the Montana cushion cover is the ideal companion for decoration enthusiasts. Available in various colors, it has become a must. For a chic and trendy look. 1 HONEY Ecru cushion 40 x 40 1 HURLINGTON cushion Light beige 40 x 40 Madura www.madura.fr Lignato Lin grommet curtains 140 x 260 Extensible kit L380 striated ball Silver EMINZA www.eminza.com


. 1 Original floral arrangement and 90 cm vase 1 Original round bouquet ball vase FO-DREAM //forever-decorationsdemariage.com/ 1 TEENA Taupe lacquered tray MILIBOO www.miliboo.com Soliflore Piccolo MM Amber PM Pencil Vase Fluted duo vase on base Bell on high foot Right bell on foot Stalagmite vase PM Brown Feve PM vase COMING B www.comingb.fr The candles : S65454 Candle 3 wicks Sweetness Vanilla P90385 Candle holder 3 wicks Holiday Charm P95547 Storm lamp Secret garden G34733 Candle pot 3 wicks Amber, Wood & Vanilla G34249 Candle pot 3 wicks Vanilla & Lemon G41744 Candle pot Nature's Light Tropical Wood G26123 Jar GloLite candle by Partylite Frozen Fruits P95308 Aromatherapy Tranquility & Vitality gift set P91184 Cottage pillar door trio P95427 Vanilla & Lemon candle garden P91069 Aurora storm lamp P90931 "refuge in the woods" storm lamp PARTYLITE www.partylite.fr Set of handles Max color matt chrome COLORS CASTORAMA www.castorama.fr