Teepees for the little ones from 30 euros

Teepees for the little ones from 30 euros

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Teepees accompany the growing imagination of children. Less bulky than the hut, the tipis offer the advantage of being installed as well in the room of the toddlers as in the garden. This wonderful playground will satisfy their insatiable energy and their quest for new stories. Forward…

A special place in the children's room

Originally, the teepees were a simple dwelling intended for the North American tribes of the Great Plains. Besides, its name in Sioux means habitation. Recognizable with its conical shape, the teepee was made of animal skins and could be large enough to accommodate several people. Today of smaller dimensions, it finds a place of choice in the children's room.

Decorative teepees

On the decorative side, his style most often reproduces an Indian spirit. Stylized designs, colorful colors, enliven the canvas of these tents which offer children a beautiful play space, like a real cabin. Some blend in with the trend, such as at Ferm Living, which gives it black and white graphic patterns, as well as pastel colors. Their sense of decoration is also synonymous with respect for nature, since the play tent is made of organic cotton. Other teepees stimulate children's imagination: made of cardboard, paint or color, they allow budding artists to express themselves! Children will be able to create their decor while having fun. Discover our selection of tipis at low prices ...