What is the principle of the Canadian well?

What is the principle of the Canadian well?



Answer: the Canadian well can heat or cool a home by passing air through pipes buried in the ground.

The Canadian well is a geothermal surface process. It is based on the fact that the temperature of the soil at depth remains constant. The principle is therefore to install a network of pipes outside at a depth of between 1.20 m and 2 m. An air intake terminal extracts the outside air and blows it into the pipes. This air is naturally heated or cooled by the temperature of the soil. A fan then blows the air into the interior pipes, which will renew the air in the different rooms of the house via the air vents. The stale air in the rooms is extracted by extraction vents. A bypass mechanism can also be added to the Canadian well. It must be connected to an outside air intake to operate. This mechanism automatically selects the most suitable air between that of the Canadian well and the outside air: the cooler air of the two in summer and the warmer in winter. You too, send us your brico question

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