The decorative patterns of summer are also black and white!

The decorative patterns of summer are also black and white!

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Nobody would have bet on the very chic condensed black & white to perfect its summer decor. And yet! Reinventing itself for the season, under a whimsical graphic design, the winning pair bends to the summer theme with ease and panache. Overview of our favorite designs.

The jungle motif

Because the jungle motif is THE motif of summer, there is no question of dodging it! Too bad, the green color code tends to sound false in a good number of decors, already branded with other very present colors. The solution ? Adopt it in black and white mode. Indeed, the simple drawing of palm and banana leaves is enough to reveal a tropical atmosphere in the house, decidedly palpable despite the absence of color.

Dalmatian motif

Polka dot designs can get some air since this season, they give way to slightly revisited peas. In this case, peas more oval than round! Spotting carpets and cushions, they offer them a Dalmatian coat, chic and refined, which is sure to boost the living room, terrace, bed and sofa.

The harlequin motif

What if summer was a circus? Okay. But faced with the "clown and company" look, we prefer the imprint of the party controlled with elegance and subtlety. This is where the black and white harlequin print comes into play. A nice dose of triangles and diamonds whose graphics, more than color, is enough to awaken the summer spirit!

The variable geometry pattern

Zigzag waves, funny curves stacked on top of each other, rounds and triangles mixing diameters and playing with unstructured scenes: from the sofa to the carpet, the curtains to the table, the patterns with variable geometry are even played with patterns wacky geometry…