Where to install radiators to optimize heating?

Where to install radiators to optimize heating?

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Answer: install the radiators near sources of cold air (under windows, near doors), preferably far from a bed in a room and more than 60 cm from a water point in a room of baths.

To install a radiator in a room, you have to find the right balance between practical considerations (do not nibble on the space available for your furniture), the aesthetic aspect (some people are tempted to hide the radiator), and finally the concern efficiency (heat the room as well as possible). To optimize heating, radiators should be installed as close as possible to sources of cold air, most often under windows or near doors. This requirement does not fully apply to radiators which do not heat the air, but objects and people. Their positioning is more flexible. Inside the bathroom, be aware that, according to current safety standards, a radiator must be installed more than 60 cm from the bath or shower. In bedrooms, it is better not to install a radiator near the bed to sleep well.