Pierre-Alexandre Risser invites you to receive in the garden

Pierre-Alexandre Risser invites you to receive in the garden

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Founder of the Gardens, Garden event, Pierre-Alexandre Risser is a must-see landscaper. Passionate and friendly, he returns to us on the latest edition of Jardins, Jardin.

Tell us about your background

I spent my childhood in the countryside between Beaujolais and the Saône near Lyon. Passionate about nature, the life of plants and animals, agriculture and ecology, I prepare a diploma at the agricultural college of Cibeins then horticultural studies in Antibes before discovering in 1984 the city gardens and terraces in Paris .

You are a specialist in city gardens and terraces, how should we organize this type of space?

For ten years, the city garden and the terrace have become an additional room in the house and one of the favorite rooms of city dwellers. We are therefore gardeners and organizers of outdoor living. The garden must increase biodiversity in the city and be in line with the lifestyle of its owners.

Could you present your creation for Jardins, Jardin 2013?

I have imagined, in collaboration with Jasmina Davies and Vincent Vallée, an ideal garden for a city dweller who wishes to live outside and enjoy all the benefits of nature in the city. With the constraint of an area of ​​100 m², we designed and produced four "rooms" for the garden: - The outdoor kitchen under a pergola with a green roof on which there is a chicken coop. Around this pergola covered with star jasmine, the vegetable garden in tubs and pots planted with fragrant flowers, condiment plants and vegetables (25 m²). - The living room is an 80 cm raised terrace with a sofa bed, a safe bench and a plant coffee table protected from view by trellises. It is a friendly place to receive, lunch and dinner. - From this terrace, you can discover, through a curtain of bamboo canes, swimming and the solarium. A natural above ground pool measuring 6m by 3m and 1.3m deep for swimming and relaxing. The privacy of the place is preserved by a wall of raw pine planks dressed in star jasmine and on which have been fixed in several places outdoor mirrors which are like windows on the outside and reflect the purple foliage of the maples of the Japan. - A vegetable patch, a chicken coop, a kitchen, flowers and scents, conviviality, intimacy and meditation, relaxation and sport, water and sun: so many ingredients for a garden in town to consume without moderation and in all seasons.

What is your advice for entertaining in the garden?

The simplicity ! The garden must be ready to welcome you at all times and in all seasons. Then choose a piece of furniture that will stay outside all year round and that will age over time. Decorate your table and cook with seasonal flowers and vegetables even if they are not from the garden. Bring a touch of the garden with aromatic herbs, leaves, branches or fruits. Create an atmosphere with candles and candle jars and above all do not try to duplicate your living room. The outdoor room is a unique and rare place because it is yours!

What decorative address for the garden would you recommend?

None because I advise you to hunt around! Our practical garden videos