How to rebuild your credenza?

How to rebuild your credenza?

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Do you want to give your kitchen a new look and think that changing the splashback would be a good solution? You are absolutely right because by opting for a new credenza look, the whole kitchen will be transformed. Here are some ideas to support you in your project, from the simplest solution to the one requiring more work.

Solution 1: the adhesive

To revamp your splashback within an hour without major work or large expenses, this is the adhesive your ally! Like a classic sticker, it covers your entire credenza by giving it a trendy look. At Smart Tiles, you will find adhesive tiles that mimic tiles in several finishes. Imitation marble, metallic or wood effect, the tiles are simply stuck on the clean wall and even on the old tiles. All without drilling or screwing for a new express decoration.

Solution 2: the plates

In the same idea but requiring a little more work, you will find credenza panels to fix on your wall. Many sites thus propose to print an original pattern on aluminum or plexi to your measurements in order to offer you a personalized credenza. You just need to make your choice on Funnydoors or C-macrecende, give your dimensions and wait for the reception of your new credenza. On the installation side, at first, you may need to adjust the panel you received according to your electrical outlets and other specifics. Then, you will apply a special glue or double-sided depending on the materials and apply your new splashback on the old.

Solution 3: painting

Painting is a solution that will allow you less fantasy of decor but which will nevertheless be quite simple to implement. If your credenza is only a painted wall, nothing could be simpler! You can then repaint over it with a paint which does not fear water and which is treated anti-stain. If your credenza is aluminum or tiled, then you will have to use a special paint. Chez Julien, for example, you will find a paint that adheres without an undercoat to ceramics, porcelain, earthenware, porcelain stoneware and glass. You will first have to degrease the surface well, dry and lightly sand. After delimiting the areas to be painted with scotch tape, you can go for two coats. And 3 days later, your credenza no longer fears the water!

Solution no.4: tiling

Do you want to change the tiles? Know that this is not an easy task because before installing the new tiles of your choice, you will have to remove the last. Then, you will need to make sure your wall is in good condition, for example by plugging the holes. After a good preparation, you can again lay a tile knowing that it will sometimes be necessary to cut the tiles and use a special glue. Our practical DIY videos