The decorative wave of Nordic design

The decorative wave of Nordic design

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Praised by the press and the public, the Scandinavian or Nordic style seduces in the decorating world. Natural materials, sober colors and clean lines have more and more followers. Beyond the collections of major brands, some companies have made their specialty. Here is our selection of essential brands.


Coming from the cold, the firm LIVING has asserted its Scandinavian style since 2005. Wallpaper, bed linen, table linen, tableware are designed and guaranteed "pure Scandinavian style". Danish society gives pride of place to patterns that take root in a vintage spirit. The association is successful!


Older, Bloomingville was created in 2000 by Betina Stamp, a passionate about China, decoration and France. This Danish native, restores the Scandinavian style in a traditional spirit revisited. Furniture, textiles, accessories stimulate your decor with northern accents without falling into cliché.


Taking its name from the Finnish word which means "New perspectives", the young publishing company Muuto has not been cold in the eyes since 2006! Bold, it opens its doors to designers from all over the world and from all worlds with one watchword to respect: let them express themselves.

House Doctor

House Doctor, little known in France, is a company that already exists since 1999 and which reinterprets the classics of Nordic design with a more modern, even contemporary expression. Difficult to find in France, the brand for the moment officiates mainly via the Web. You will find a wide choice of decorative items, furniture, jewelry or even clothing. Our practical decoration videos