I want a rattan chair!

I want a rattan chair!

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A star material of summer, rattan has not failed to seduce garden furniture. But for the start of the school year, we do not give up on this natural fiber and we bring it into the house for a natural and sometimes vintage look. One thing is certain, we haven't finished talking about rattan!

What is rattan already?

While it may look like bamboo or wicker, rattan is a fiber in its own right found in hot, humid countries. It is a very popular material in decoration because it is both flexible to be worked but also very robust for good longevity.

Why do we like it?

If rattan has been back on the scene for a few years, it is mainly because the 1950s trend is making a new boom in decoration. We appreciate its vintage side but also its natural aspect which corresponds well to today's concerns.

How do we choose it?

First, know that if you had already adopted a rattan armchair for your garden, no need to generate a new expense because you can directly go from the garden to the living room. And for it to integrate well into your decor, it will often suffice to add a few decorative cushions. If you have not yet succumbed to this trend, you will have the choice because almost all brands offer their model for the start of the school year. In natural color or in more daring shades, it will be up to you to see what mood you will choose. As for form, you can bet on the round armchair, the more rocking chair model or the small armchair with bars. Whatever the model, the rattan armchair has the coast! Our practical decoration videos