The interior of our refrigerators

The interior of our refrigerators

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Sharp, a Japanese manufacturer of electronics, has been taking a look in the fridge of Europeans and the results are surprising. The brand's survey highlights the habits and specificities of using refrigerators according to nationalities. In France, as elsewhere, everyone has their own refrigerated fads.

Chilly when it comes to opening your door (from the fridge)

How would you take the fact that you take a look in your fridge? A new study by Sharp Europe reveals that only one fifth of Europeans (21%) are ready to open the doors of their refrigerator in front of others. This survey of European consumers tells us about everyone's practices.

National trends

This study also confirms some stereotypes and other national stereotypes - the French are lovers of cheese, the Spanish real carnivores, and more surprisingly, the United Kingdom has become the European capital of "hummus". We also discover that more than a quarter of the British place their eggs in a cupboard, compared to only 4% of the Germans. Education or weather conditions, the study does not answer the question but launches interesting leads.

What is there surprising?

A quarter of consumers say they store their medicines in the refrigerator, while 3% admit to putting their glue there with food. 3% of respondents place their nail polish at a temperature below 5 °, while 1% declare depositing products such as paint and batteries in refrigerators. Other more surprising answers, some people say they store sunscreen, tobacco or plasticine in their fridge. We can therefore say that our fridges will have seen everything, or almost! Our practical kitchen decoration videos