Holiday memories with stylish decor collections

Holiday memories with stylish decor collections

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Mugs, magnets, dishes, fashion accessories or snowballs: it is common to bring back from your holiday destination, a favorite object, with the inscription of the city, a landscape, a character, a monument, a motif or a its own artistic representation. Pieces from elsewhere whose kitsch, wacky, funny or ethnic character often finds it difficult to find a place in our interiors ... Unless you follow these few recommendations to the letter to finally get them out of our suitcases and make them, amazing decorative collections!

A collection of mugs

We want them because they will be useful at tea or coffee, and because they will remind us at these precise moments, of the taste of past excursions. Yes, mugs are popular on holiday memories, so they might as well benefit from a decorative standing in the kitchen! The idea? Take them out of the tall cupboards to stage them, directly in the decor. Of course, we choose the most beautiful. And even if some are fun, kitsch or quirky, we don't hesitate to show them. After all, a little bit of humor doesn't hurt in the kitchen! In terms of decoration, we put on credence bars to be superimposed on the wall with a margin of 15 centimeters apart. Using hooks, we scatter our vast collection in the making, suspended by the handle. Another option: display everything on a similar series of wall shelves this time!

A collection of magnets

The advantage of magnets is that they cost between 2 and 5 €, a range which is also worth in centimeters for their average size. Convenient to bring back a souvenir of your vacation spot without breaking the bank and occupying a minimum of space in the suitcase! The only problem is that once there, it is usually on the refrigerator that they find accommodation. Unfortunately, by playing the total look, we quickly transformed these magnetic travel witnesses into an overloaded and unsightly vertical decor. Especially since the passage to high attendance in this area of ​​the kitchen easily causes the fall of some of them ... The good idea to favor? Repaint an area of ​​the wall (why not the splashback) using magnetic paint or expose a series of frames on the wall, also magnetic, 100% intended to support these pieces from here and elsewhere. Thus, they capture our attention more and form a globetrotting collection in its own right. We also think of slipping between two magnets a photo or postcard, also from far away ...

A collection of jewelry

They come from a bazaar, a souk, a craft shop or a market. You bought them in your "vacation" momentum, but these fanciful or hyper ethnic jewels, you are not sure to wear them again. Never mind, transform them into museum jewelry! Let me explain. Inside a classic frame, fix one, two or three nails, then hang your finds before putting them under glass. Art gallery effect guaranteed! It remains to decline these multiple ideas for your collections of plates, hats, fabrics, rugs and other accessories purchased abroad! Our practical creative leisure videos