What slope to apply to a flat roof?

What slope to apply to a flat roof?

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Answer: depending on the type and size of the roof terrace, its slope must be between 1 and 5%, to allow the evacuation of rainwater.

A flat roof is not perfectly flat. Indeed, a slight slope must be applied so that the evacuation of rainwater is made possible. Depending on the accessibility or not and the size of the terrace, the slope varies from 1 to 5%. Thus, inaccessible flat roofs require only a slight slope of at least 1%. Those that are inaccessible should provide about 2% minimum incline. The small roof terraces are designed to be slightly domed, the highest point being in the center. Larger areas are not in this case. Their slope must not, however, exceed 5% inclination. The water will be evacuated through drainage holes at the bottom of the slope, then downpipes. You too, send us your DIY question.


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