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. Concrete and decorative gravel 1. Approach to decorative concrete house: Nuantis Imprint printed finish Realization of an aisle in decorative concrete, imitation aged paving stone. The driveway, 15 cm thick, is entirely made of concrete, the hardened surface of which reveals the design of a paving stone. This drawing is repeated over the entire surface. Ready-to-use concrete, dyed in the mass, is delivered directly to the pouring site. A second dye is added during processing to provide the desired nuances. This product also has anti-wear qualities and thus increases the durability of the structure. 2. Layout of the courtyard in red crushed gravel 6/10 placed on a gravel stabilizer specifically designed to resist the passage of vehicles. The experensol network: The member companies of the experensol® network, qualification for decorative exterior concrete are qualified and recognized by CEMEX for their ability to install, according to the rules of the art, the concrete of the brand Nuantis® Outdoor floors. On the website of our network to put on your M6 deco site, individuals or professionals can find the list of qualified applicators by department and finish of decorative products and have information on decorative products. CEMEX www.cemexbetons.fr Decorative concrete was applied by ICAUNAISE DE TRAVAUX PUBLICS Use of decorative concrete of the "printed" type. This technique makes it possible to obtain an original, varied and durable surface appearance (Parisian paving stone / Roman paving / rock / parquet…) for the realization of exterior and interior floors (terrace / driveway / garage path / exterior landscaping of the swimming pool…) ICAUNAISE OF PUBLIC WORKS www.id-tp.fr href = "mailto: [email protected]"> [email protected] Rue de industrie 89100 MALAY-LE-GRAND T: 03 86 95 01 75 F: 03 86 64 17 14


. Bel'm French leader in the front door, for the construction and renovation of individual houses. On this issue, an aluminum glazed door made to measure: the Athena model with optimal thermal, sealing, acoustic and safety performance will offer comfort and energy savings on a daily basis. A traditional style entrance door, with a glass transom, in harmony with the opening which adapts perfectly to the existing architecture of the house. The decorative grille integrated in the sanded double glazing reinforces the security aspect while preserving the privacy of the occupants. A new front door that will bring personality to the house and enhance the owners' heritage property. Find all of our products on www.belm.fr The site was laid by our customer Lorenove Eurohabitat - 03 86 95 13 55


. PVCéa swing shutters Insulation and design for the home: the comfort of maintenance-free PVC shutters The shutters PVCéa 28 co-extruded from France Fermetures are a real alternative to wooden shutters, both in terms of design and quality, with an apron of a 28 mm thick. These custom-made shutters with a traditional look are easy to install, insulating and eligible for Tax Credit. It is possible to opt for shutters with a sleek design with hinges and counter-hinges, or more traditional with single bars or bars and scarves. The accessories in this co-extruded PVCéa range, hinges, chemical hinges, sage leaf stopper and Espanettes, are made of aluminum. Robust and resistant, the shutter curtain, in the Red Basque color, is fitted with vertical reinforcements distributed over the entire width of the leaves. Made in France and benefiting from a two-year warranty, the co-extruded PVCea hinged shutter range combines durability and easy maintenance. No more sanding and painting chores, a simple sponge is enough to clean the shutters. Environmentally friendly, all France Fermetures PVC profiles are guaranteed lead-free and 100% recyclable. FRANCE CLOSURES www.france-fermetures.fr


. Spring spirea, summer spirea, cinquefoil, photinias and evergreen charcoals FLORALIES VANNOISES //www.floralies-vannoises-serres.fr/ Chemin du pont vert 89190 FOISSY SUR VANNE TEL. : 03 86 86 76 43 Email: href = "mailto: [email protected]"> [email protected]


. Insulated Maxi Comfort Niche Maxi Comfort Wood Kennel: Total insulation of all parts of the kennels A range of 11 models to ensure your dog perfect comfort, even in extreme conditions. COMFORT niches are available in single or double compartments. Each model exists in flat roof for use under shelter, in inclined roof or with double pan for use outside covered with a galvanized sheet. The roofs are removable to allow perfect cleaning. The double pan inclined roofs are covered with galvanized sheet metal which is soundproof against the noise of raindrops. All edges are protected by galvanized steel profiles. The double walls are formed on the outside by an assembly of first choice fir boards with a thickness of 15 mm. A thickness of 20 mm of polystyrene covered with plywood plate coats the interior of the niche to form an effective insulation. Dimension for large dog 150 x 90 x 90 MORIN, manufacturer distributor of materials and accessories for dogs and cats, more than 40 years of experience. www.morinfrance.com Store: 5 ter Route de Marcoussis 91310 Montlhéry Tel: 01 69 01 74 20


. Ground spots STARLIGHT www.europmarket.com


. Contemporary square pots 40cm x 40cm in gray earth dyed in the mass. Family manufacture potters in the Basque Country www.poterie-goicoechea.com, GOICOECHEA To know the list of our resellers, you must contact us at


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