Dyson DC52, the infiltrator without back-to-school filter

Dyson DC52, the infiltrator without back-to-school filter

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Yep, it's the recovery as Zidane so elegantly said when he was responsible for repainting the stripes of stadium lawn, while laughing. And indeed, there is something to laugh about those (and still too few) who really resume service with the start of the school year and who will have to establish an almost military planning to ensure education of children and maintenance of the house . Good here, you will not find anything to keep your brats but question order and cleanliness, I may have good news with the new Dyson vacuum cleaner.
It will have taken me a few days of pre-school preparation (and especially the return of the children on the school benches) to resume with enthusiasm the news on this blog. Even if my enchanted parenthesis of the summer was long (almost a month if I am not mistaken), I hope to be able to be forgiven with a super busy back-to-school program as well as a brand new design by two months (fingers crossed). On the news side, I can already confirm that the period will be intense and I intend to go get the info where it is (in Paris as so often) to bring you different subjects. Next Monday, I will be at Maison & Objet, a first for me. Until this day, I suggest you start this school year with a brand new vacuum cleaner from Dyson, the DC52. 20 years after the first bagless vacuum cleaner "without loss of suction", James Dyson returns with a new model which, as usual, required years of research (6 years to be exact) and patent filings by the dozen (195 to be exact). The company even went as far as paying 160,000 € to buy the dry dust necessary for performance tests (Mazette! To say that I have a fortune under my feet and that I didn't even know it!).
A priori this new model looks a lot like the previous ones and yet it has something more, or rather less. From now on it will no longer be necessary to clean the pre-motor filter of your vacuum cleaner repeatedly. No more chore which we often ended up missing due to lack of time / desire / and then what is it for? Precisely let's talk about it: the pre-engine filter was used to spare the engine sensitive to the slightest obstruction. To avoid the famous loss of suction, the filter had to act as a protective screen. If the new DC52 can do without it, it's thanks to Cinetic technology.
The cyclonic technology that made the success of Dyson bagless vacuum cleaners allows to collect the dust in the collector thanks to the centrifugal force. The smaller the cyclones, the better they filter but with such a reduced size they are also likely to become clogged (a bit like a congestion at the toll when too many cars arrive at once). To prevent dust from accumulating and forming a barrier, the ends of the cyclones (which can be seen in red on the photo above) are now oscillating: by shaking, they cause any dust particles to fall that could clog. The smallest particles thus absorbed, it is no longer necessary to filter ... at least that's what I understood. When will the bagless vacuum cleaner, filter and especially dust free? Dyson Cinetic vacuum cleaner, DC52, from € 549 (available from October 2013)


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