Video: how to make a pearl set?

Video: how to make a pearl set?

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Elegant and refined, the pearl set is easy and quick to create. Follow the advice of Juliette Delestaing, creator of the brand "In Juliette's drawer", to make a pretty set of pearls.

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Make a pair of earrings with pearls

If you want to make a pair of earrings and a pearl necklace, you must bring three pearly pearls, three pearl caps, three small gray pearls, two earring clips, a chain, three small flat-tipped nails and pliers. Thread the pearl on the nail. Continue with the cap, being careful that the cap includes the pearl well, then the small gray pearl. Then put on the earring clip. Using the pliers, bend the stem of the nail so that it forms a small loop. Then wrap the remaining part of the rod at the earring clip. Cut off the excess nail. Proceed in the same way for the second earring.

Make the matching pearl necklace

To make the necklace matching the earring, it's very simple: you have to proceed in the same way as for the creation of the earring, without putting on an earring attachment. Simply form a loop with the stem of the nail so that you can thread the pendant on a chain. By following the advice of Juliette Delestaing, you will obtain a pretty pearl set. Watch the video How to make a pearl set? on Produced by Minute Facile.